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Brands Carried

Below are suppliers of the equipment that we sell and rent.
Please contact us with any questions.

AKG Sound www.akg.com
Alesis Sound www.alesis.com
Allen Rigging www.atmflyware.com
Allen & Heath Sound www.allen-heath.com
Acclaim Lighting www.acclaimlighting.com
American DJ Lighting www.americandj.com
Elation Lighting www.elationlighting.com
Antari Effects www.antari.com
Apollo Gobos www.internetapollo.com
Applied Electronics Rigging/Lighting www.appliednn.com
Arriba Cases www.arribacase.com
Audio-technica Sound www.audio-technica.com
Audix Sound www.audixusa.com
Australian Monitor Sound www.australianmonitor.com
AV Stumpfl Video www.avstumpfl
Avolites Lighting www.avolitesamerica.com
Benq video www.benq.us
Beyerdynamic Sound www.beyerdynamic-usa.com
BSS Sound www.bssaudio.com
Chauvet Lighting www.chauvetlighting.com
Chief video www.chiefmfg.com
CITC Effects www.CITCFX.com
Clay Paky Lighting www.claypaky.it
ClearSonic Accessories www.clearsonic.com
Cord-Lox Accessories www.cord-lox.com
Coemar Lighting www.icd-usa.com
Conquest Sound www.conquestsound.com
Crest Audio Sound www.crestaudio.com
Crown Sound www.crownaudio.com
dbx Sound www.dbxpro.com
Denon Sound www.denondj.com
Diversitronics Effects www.diversitronics.com
DMX-tools Lighting www.dmx-tools.com
Doug Fleenor Lighting www.dfd.com
DPA Sound www.dpamicrophones.com
EAW Sound www.eaw.com
Edirol by Roland Video www.edirol.com/video
Electro-Voice Sound www.electrovoice.com
Elite Screens Video www.elitescreens.com
EZ Dupe Video www.ezdupe.com
Fehr Brothers Rigging www.stageriggingonline.com
Furman Power www.furmansound.com
Gator Cases www.gatorcases.com
iKey-Audio Sound www.ikey-audio.com
Gemini Sound www.geminidj.com
Global Truss Rigging www.globaltruss.com
GLP Lighting www.germanlightproducts.com
Grundorf Cases www.grundorf.com
High End Systems Lighting www.highend.com
Hosa Technology Sound www.hosatech.com
JBL Sound www.jblpro.com
Klark Teknik Sound www.klarkteknick.com
Kramer Video www.kramerelectronics.com
Lectrosonics Sound www.lectrosonics.com
Leprocon Lighting www.leprecon.com
Leviton Lighting www.leviton.com
Lexicon Sound www.lexiconpro.com
The Light Source Lighting www.thelightsource.com
Lightronics Lighting www.lightronics.com
Littlite Lighting www.littlite.com
Mackie Sound www.mackie.com
Martin Lighting www.martinpro.com
Mi Tee Cables www.miteecables.com
Eco-LED Lighting www.eco-led.com
Midas Sound www.midasconsoles.com
Middle Atlantic Racks www.middleatlantic.com
Numark Sound www.numark.com
Odyssey Cases www.odysseygear.com
Omni Sistem Effects www.omnisistem.com
Pelican Cases www.pelican.com
Peavey Sound www.peavey.com
Pioneer Sound www.pioneerprodj.com
ProCo Cables www/procosound.com
Production Intecom Intercom www.beltpack.com
QSC Sound www.qscaudio.com
Rane Sound www.rane.com
RCF & db Technolgoes Sound www.rcf.it
Rapco Sound www.rapco.com
SKB Cases www.skbcases.com
RaXXess Racks www.raxxess.com
RCI Custom Sound www.rcicustom.com
Robe Lighting www.robeamerica.com
Sennheiser Sound www.sennheiserusa.com
Shure Sound www.shure.com
Soundcraft Sound www.soundcraft.com
Stanton Sound www.stantondj.com
Tascam Sound www.tascam.com
T.C. Electronic Sound www.tcelectronic.com
Techni-Lux Lighting www.techni-lux.com
Telex Sound www.telex.com
Turbosound Sound www.turbosound.com
Ultimate Support Rigging www.ultimatesupport.com
Vestax America Sound www.vestax.com
Whirlwind Sound www.whirlwindusa.com
Wildfire Lighting www.wildfirefx.com
Ultratec FX Effects www.ultratecfx.com